Kid’s Room

Kid’s room

If you are experiencing the sweet expectation of a child’s birth, probably you are already dreaming of a warm place to welcome your baby.

In case your kid has to share or give away it’s room for a younger brother or sister, a carefully designed room will sure help for an easier and happier transition.

If you need ideas to create a fantasy playroom to provide a fan and safe place for entertainment or you belong to those who would like more for their kid room, but the lack of space and trust will not let you implement it, then I can help you, so we can together create the prettiest room of your home.

I can provide you the following services:

  • Full research and design of the room for you who want a delicate baby’s / kid’s room or play room for your child.
  • Detailed sketches with choices of colors, furniture and accessories to guide you to build the room according to your style.
  •  Original design suggestions for the σχεδιαστικές προτάσεις για τη optimal exploitation of the room with storage designs and furniture to achieve the best possible use in tough and small interiors.
  • Photorealistic illustration of the interior with all the options implemented so you have the complete sence of the result before you put it into practice!

The prices vary and  depend on your needs. If you have any questions, please email my at info@room-to-grow@gr