Room to Grow

My objective is to share my inspiration

About Room to Grow

My name is Anna. I am an Interior Designer and I enjoy to create pretty rooms for kids

Through Room to grow I aim to share my inspiration and offer interior design services exclusively for kids. I provide functional furniture, special baby products, linen from organic cotton, handmade decorative accessories, unique toys and refined christening packages.

While I was working in a technical office as a designer a few years ago, I was asked to design a kids room as part of a renovation. I realized how much I enjoyed working on this project, and also how hard It was to discover delicate, functional and safe products suitable for a kids room without being based on comic characters.

So I started to search out, apart for the needs of my six years old son, all the ideal products that excite the imagination and the creativity of children bringing lots of smiles in their faces, and I have not stooped since then.

My experience formed the resources for “Room to grow” and in 2019 I took the decision to fulfill my dream building with plenty of love my little store and at the same time office, because I simply believe that every kid deserves the most beautiful room in every house – a room to dream, to play, to develop and… grow!

I like to share my ideas, my findings and my inspiration through my blog. If you have time, please do pay a visit, and we might meet there!

Always in your disposal,

Anna Sigreki.

Anna SigrekiInterior Designer